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Do everything with caution.

We try to do without plastic as much as possible, support numerous projects of 4Ocean, including marine cleaning of plastic, recycling, breast cancer research or shark and turtle research as well as care stations.

Also with our mattresses we thought of the well-being and main need of our guests and decided for 23cm mattresses from Treca.



The hotel was founded and built by a young power woman. Women in leading positions or self-employed often face big obstacles. Therefore we would like to take a stand here and pay / promote men as well as women equally.

In addition to our partnerships with her-career, we are particularly proud of our cooperation with UrbanCake. This young company was established by a school friend of our founder and supplies us with delicious mini cupcakes during the winter months.

We also support Lini’s Bites, a young two women startup, by offering their sugar-free muesli bars in our hotel.




Art is very important to us, therefore we support young artists who want to show their talent or their works. Music, painting, photography, any kind of art – just talk to us.

In addition, we are a permanent location partner of ArtNight. Painting events take place regularly and great works are created. We also introduce different artists in the lobby.

Currently you can see the artworks of Silvia Hollweg.



D O W N L O A D  S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y    R E P O R T