Anita Wandinger - Founder of AWA Hotel 

I never actually intended to open a hotel. Better something musical like an opera singer. I guess that says a lot."

Instead of the classical education I visited the NAU in Arizona and gained various experiences in the hotel business, among them  A-Loft, Königshof and the Ritz Carlton in Barcelona. Travelling and new challenges are my passion, right after my dogs. Besides, of course I always helped my parents - but that counted as free time. Anyway it is always about the business - no matter if Christmas or birthday.

During my time in the Bayerische Hof as my first Reputation Management Assistant, I then started a Master's in Business Psychology (dual, of course) - but since the hotel intervened before graduation, I got stuck in the middle of my Master's thesis. I am very grateful for this opportunity and would never have been able to forgive myself if I had not seized it. You can study later. I definitely still have a lot to do.

The idea of my own hotel developed mainly through my father. He always apreciated his work in the hotel or on the ship, loved the flair and the atmosphere when you stroll through the corridors and the contact with people from different countries. He sent his first applications to the Munich luxury hotels and was then allowed to start training in the Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel. He quickly infected me with his euphoria, but would probably not have accepted an alternative. Joking aside. My family owes it to him that we have 2 hotels today - and that was by no means easy. First he had to face a financial challenge that nobody else wanted to face. And without the hard-working wife and mother, Marina Wandinger, who has managed the Condor Hotel in Munich independently since 1993, this would not have worked either. The house didn't even have toilets when my mother took it over. She is definitely my greatest role model when I think of my career. Even today I call her when I need some advice, and she tells me in a relaxed way, "oh, just do it that way". She really always has a solution ready.

By the way, AWA originally stood for Anton Wandinger, because this was his breakthrough. Today's AWA concept was somehow born along the way. And without his good name, I could never have taken out the loan I urgently needed to build the hotel. So at this point I would like to thank Marina and Tony for their support.

AWA Hotel 
Schillerstrasse 10
80336 München
Steuer-ID DE319064160
Geschäftsführerin: Anita Marina Wandinger
reservation requests:
phone: +49-89 904218585
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