Development of the AWA Hotel
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Our Story

Development of the AWA Hotel

1993: Acquisition of the Hotel Condor with 65 guest rooms by Mr. Anton Wandinger, then owner of various discos in Munich (today Ruby, Suite, Dance&Dine, Evergreen, etc.).

Since 1993: Management of the Hotel Condor Gastro GmbH of the same named by his wife: Marina Wandinger

1999: Construction of the hotel with 89 guest rooms, 2 conference rooms, lobby/restaurant and kitchen
1999 to 2018: Operation under the name of Conrad Hotel de Ville

2004: Purchase of the Conrad Hotel de Ville by Anton Wandinger

2018: Founding of the AWA brand and the company AWA Hotel GmbH by the Wandinger family (Anton Wandinger and his wife Marina and daughter Anita)

December 2018: Taking over of the building by AWA Hotel GmbH

January/February 2019: General renovation of the 89 guest rooms including floors, room furnishings, but excluding bathrooms

January/February 2019: Maintaince, renovation and adding of air conditioning in all then 88
guest rooms. One room is been rebuild as office.

January/February 2019: Renovation of the floors and walls and new equipment of the common areas and the conference rooms.

March 4, 2019: Opening of the AWA Hotel

January to March 2020: Adding air conditioning in the ground floor/basement

From April 2020: Effects of the corona pandemic and temporary closures of the hotel

November 2020: Renovation of the bar counter and breakfast buffet

December 2021 to March 2022: General renovation of 12 guest bathrooms and the public guest toilets in the basement

January 2023 : General renovation of 8 guest bathrooms, reception and parts of the lobby and breakfast area