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Yes I know. New work is a term, almost a buzzword, which attracts many people and where many people invest an extremely large amount of energy in the form of time and money. Many think it is mainly about IT solutions, workplace optimization and flat hierarchies.
But this conversation is mainly about communication, leadership and creating awareness. And the term “new work” has never been used.
Anita Wandiner is a very young entrepreneur who “just” took out a € 1.8 million loan to take over a hotel. The amazing thing: she was able to sleep well because she was confident, almost a bit naive, as she says.
New work in this episode for me is the way Anita creates a work environment in which she connects topics and people: environment, awareness, women, art and entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
That is why your hotel is also called AWA Hotel – awareness – women – art.

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