The German Hotel Classification with its five internationally recognised star categories was developed and introduced in 1996 by the industry association DEHOGA under the decisive initiative of Bavaria. In 2005, the quality system was extended to include the G classification for inns, guesthouses and guest houses; the stars of both classifications are valid for three years. The evaluations are carried out in the Free State by Bayern Tourist GmbH (BTG), a subsidiary of the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA Bayern. It carries out an on-site inspection of all establishments to be classified. Following the example of the German Hotel Classification, the hotel associations of 14 other European countries have now introduced a harmonised European classification system. This provides guests with a reliable decision-making aid for the selection of hotels even across borders.


The new AWA Hotel in Munich has also been awarded 4 stars for German hotel qualification.

"The star classification is an important orientation aid for guests when choosing a suitable accommodation. The number of stars is less important than the presence itself. Because every guest has a certain budget and expects an individual degree of comfort. The stars give the guest reliable information about equipment and food he can look forward to,"
says DEHOGA Bavarian President Angela Inselkammer.

The AWA-Hotel: a concept based on Awareness, Women & Arts

Business Power Woman: Anita Wandinger, Owner of the AWA Hotels in Munich

In place designed for sustainability. One that benefits from the local artist and lets creativity unfold. And at the same time stands for women and equal rights. Such a place does not exist? But it does!  You can find it recently in the Schillerstrasse at the main station: The AWA Hotel. We have found her in her challenge to manage the hotel and we asked her about it during the interview. Guess what,  we found out: The 28-year-old is indeed such a power woman. But there is much more..

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Power woman whirls up Munich's hotel industry

Anita Wandinger has been running the Awa Hotel in the Bavarian state capital since the beginning of the year. The 28-year-old has redesigned the former Conrad-Hotel de Ville to her own created concept.

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Advertising - The next Business Power Woman I introduce to you on the blog is at heart a true Munich woman. Sure, that it is obvious to open your own hotel in the middle of the beautiful, Bavarian capital. It was not until March 2019 that the AWA Hotel opened its doors to guests from all over the world. They are greeted by a young power woman, who is only 28 years old and already managing director of the AWA Hotel in Munich. At the official hotel opening I was allowed to meet Anita Wandinger, who gave her speech to the public in traditional Bavarian costume. I am still impressed by her courage, her creative ideas and her fresh drive with which she leads the hotel. Anita has already gained professional experience in various hotels, e.g. at the Ritz Carlton Barcelona, ​​or at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich. Shortly before beginning her master's studies, Anita Wandinger had a unique opportunity: she was able to open her own hotel in Munich - the AWA Hotel. In this blog post, Anita takes you behind the scenes of her hotel and gives insights into what it's like to run your own hotel with an inspiring concept.

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Anita Wandinger has realized her dream of owning a hotel

Anita Wandinger recently opened her own hotel in Munich - and has fulfilled her dream. Wandinger is one of the 15 nominees of the final round of the fvw talent competition "Top under 30", which we present these days.

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Traditional networking with Styling Lounge at the Fashiondeluxxe Wiesn 2019

On the first Oktoberfest weekend in September 2019 during the 186th Wiesn in Munich, it took place again: the "Fashiondeluxxe Wiesn" organized by full-service agency Mediadeluxxe. In October 2018 we organized the Wiesn Event in Munich "Fashiondeluxxe Wiesn" for the first time, at that time with a styling lounge and an exclusive networking dinner directly at the Oktoberfest in the cozy tent "Wildstuben".


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Junge Hotelière berichtet über ihr unkonventionelles Konzept

Anita Wandinger (29) hat im März 2019 im Münchner Hauptbahnhofs-Viertel das AWA-Hotel eröffnet. Dort legt sie Wert auf Offenheit für verschiedene Kulturen, stellt das Thema Frauen, aber auch die Kunst in den Fokus, und ist stark auf Nachhaltigkeit ausgelegt. Was sich für die junge Geschäftsfrau durch Corona verändert hat und worin sie zukunftsfähige Konzepte sieht, erzählt sie im Tophotel-Interview.

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These are the best nominees of 2019!

Anita Wandinger (28), founder the AWA Hotel Munich She has fulfilled her dream: own her own hotel in the middle of Munich. Anita Wandinger had planned everything for almost a year, invested 1.6 million euros and took over a hotel in December 2018 from which she had almost everything torn out. She only had two months to completely renovate the 88 rooms. In March she opened her four-star hotel. It is a very personal hotel that aims to appeal to young people with its modern style. Add to that her values ​​Awareness, Women, Arts, which she wants to implement with her eight employees in the AWA Hotel. She supports the eco-initiative "4Ocean", supports independent women, started a music project with refugees and organizes art workshops. Already the hotel utilization is on a good way.

Hospitality inspiration podcast

Yes I know. New work is a term, almost a buzzword, which attracts many people and where many people invest an extremely large amount of energy in the form of time and money. Many think it is mainly about IT solutions, workplace optimization and flat hierarchies.
But this conversation is mainly about communication, leadership and creating awareness. And the term “new work” has never been used.
Anita Wandiner is a very young entrepreneur who "just" took out a € 1.8 million loan to take over a hotel. The amazing thing: she was able to sleep well because she was confident, almost a bit naive, as she says.
New work in this episode for me is the way Anita creates a work environment in which she connects topics and people: environment, awareness, women, art and entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
That is why your hotel is also called AWA Hotel - awareness - women - art.


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